Children's TV show on Channel 4 in the UK. Centres on a small group of aliens from Hoobland, called Hoobs, who research human, or peep, life for Hubba-Hubba's Great Hoobapedia.

The trio, Ivor, Groove and Toola, start the show by stumbling on a question to find an answer to, and always end up asking the Tiddlypeeps (children), as well as Roma, who is a fourth Hoob on Earth who wanders around on her own. Hubba-Hubba also gets them information, stories and orders them things from Hoobnet. At the end of each show they find the answer and then make a report about it for Hoob News.

This makes great "I-haven't-slept-yet" TV, because it's generally shown as a double-bill at about six in the morning, and doesn't deal with too many difficult social issues and has some hooby-groovy songs.

We're off to see the Tiddlypeeps!

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