"Thanks Serch, and now for the Prime Minister, the sinister, Pete Nice.....(kick em in the grill Pete!)"

A track on the 1989 3rd Bass album The Cactus Album. Basically, the gas face is given to people 3rd Bass didn't like. Given with a shaking face while making the noise, "Whoooooooobababa!"(as if you were cold.) They had plenty of people to diss with the help of Zeb Luv X, it ended up being the biggest track on the album before Steppin' to the AM and Brooklyn Queens. Their follow-up album the Cactus Album Revisited didn't have the same impact, but MC Serch and Pete Nice are still fun to listen to.

"Hammer, shut the fuck up!
Elroy Cohen gets the gas face!"

see the high hat

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