Loci natura erat haec, quem locum nostri castris delegerant.  Collis ab summo aequaliter declivis ad flumen Sabim, quod supra nominavimus, vergebat.  Ab eo flumine pari acclivitate collis nascebatur adversus huic et contrarius, passus circiter ducentos infimus apertus, ab supeirore parte silvestris, ut non facile introrsus perspicici posset.  Intra eas silvas hostes in occulto sese continebant; in aperto loco secundum flumen paucae stationes equitum videbantur.  Fluminis erat altitudo pedum circiter trium.

The character of the ground selected by our officers for the camp was as follows.  There was a hill, inclining with uniform slope from its top to the river Sambre above mentioned.  From the river-side there rose another hill of like slope, over against and confronting the other, open for about two hundred paces at its base, wooded in its upper half, so that it could not easily be seen through from without.  Within those woods the enemy kept themselves in hiding.  On open ground along the river a few cavalry posts were to be seen.  The depth of the river was about three feet.

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards

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