Before me a light
That pulled me from the depths of the coldest darkness
Summoned out I see a path
Carefully I step as not to trip
Upon the pieces of my wounded bleeding soul
They shall find their way back to me in time
I must press on and follow the stars
Into this unknown world
To not try would be a crime when the price already paid in blood
No longer captive to my fears
I grasp the moments fleeting through my veins
The trees invite me, the moon with extended arms
Follow, follow me through tomorrow
Oceans calling to my every fear
Let go and crash as we do
The night sky be your guide through any doubt you chance to know
Tomorrow will come and go
I will still be here standing tall
Enraptured in the possibilites
Enamored with a soul that mirrors mine
What may come to pass, is not for me to ponder
Though, what I do today is in my hands

Sichernde Seele
August 2001

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