The Flower Pot Men was a British group back in the flower power years of the late sixties.

When Scott McKenzie released his number one hit "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)", two British musicians, John Carter and Ken Lewis of Ivy League fame decided to write and record "Let's Go To San Francisco".

The song went to the top 10 quite quickly and the UK label Deram became interested. A band was needed to perform the single, so in 1967 Tony Burrows, Robin Shaw, Peter Nelson and Neil Landon became The Flower Pot Men and started to record the songs Carter and Lewis made.

"Let's Go To San Francisco" peaked at no. 4 in the UK singles chart and was also popular in other European countries. It was followed by "A Walk In The Sky", which also had moderate success, but after that, the Flowerpot men were forgotten.

They released several other singles and also changed the band's name to "Friends" but the public wasn't interested any more.

The group split up in 1969 and the members went to pursue solo careers with varying success.

The number 4 hit "Let's Go To San Francisco" was the theme song of The 1st Finnish E2 gathering

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