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High, high, high in the forbidding mountains of the Wasatch Range lives the Utah Noders. We brave avalanches, bears and rabid seagull attacks all to grace E2 with our mountain-man wisdom and skill! From high in the wild wastes of the mid-west we call to you "Behold!".

Or Something.

Okay, so the closest I've got to an avalanche is snow falling off the roof. The only bears I've seen are either from Gund or behind bars at the Hoogle Zoo and seagulls only come near me to poop on my car.

Such is the way of the Utah Technology worker. Everyday I bravely commute through the wasteland of I-15 from Farmington to Bountiful to go to work, and every day I have to engage with idiot drivers just to get home again.

I can be found at: Crossroad Mall, Beans & Brews (in SLC), Cafe Orbit, Sanctuary and sometimes at the Galivan Center. I will be the most normal looking person there.. unless I chose to wear my fake vampire fangs that day.

Unofficial Gathering information January 2002: In leiu of a real gathering, it's been decided that it would be an interesting idea to make Friday nights official Noder Night at "Sanctuary" on 300 West and ~700 south in SLC. It's official for us only, and the managment of the club couldn't give a tinkers' cuss about it. But we're going to try! I will be found there most every friday night working of Tech Sector stress, and I think the nobile Ex0teric is usually there too.

The club itself, on Friday nights in question, plays "harder" type electronic music upstairs and "goth" downstairs. Upstairs has tasty adult beverages and so is 21+, but lower is either 18+ or all-ages, I'm not sure. It's a "private club for members", so (upstairs at least) smoking is allowed and common. But it's not a bad place, so even if you would think that a "club" isn't your scene, come by anyway.

And just to answer your question, I don't know if they allow laptops, thought it probably wouldn't be a problem and Cell recepetion (voice & CDPD) are quite decent.

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