(German: Der Kaiser von Atlantis)
One act opera in four scenes. Music composed by Viktor Ullmann, libretto Petr Klein

The opera 'The emperor of Atlantis' was finished in the legendary ghetto/concentration camp Theresienstadt. Ullmann, deported to the ghetto, became a member of the 'Freizeitsgestaltung' (Leisure Organization). He began his work on the opera in the summer of 1943 and completed the work in around November. The Elders of the Board of Directors of Theresienstadt agreed to perform 'The Emperor of Atlantis': rehearsals started early April and the libretto was finished in May of 1944.
Although, there were vocal practices and dress rehearsals (August 1944), the opera was never actually performed in the camp. The SS officer in charge prohibited public performances because the first mass transportations to Auschwitz had to start in September of 1944.
The first performance of the opera was held in 1992, by the State Theatre of Saarbr├╝cken, Germany.

The opera tells the story of Emperor Overall who is hindered in ruling the earth. Death is on strike, he isn't able to cope with war and famine anymore. Death's strike causes Chaos: appearantly he has chosen the side of the Humans. He only accepts the normal order of life after the Emperor is led to his own death.

The Emperor, Death, Harlequin, the Young Girl, the Drummer Girl, the Soldier and the Loudspeaker.

Music instruments
3 woodwinds, string quartet, trumpet, saxophone, alto, banjo, keyboard, percussion.

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