Llyfyr Taliesin XLI
Marwnad Mad Drud ac Erov Greulaun
Elegy of Madoc and Erof

Madawg, the joy of the wall,
Madawg, before he was in the grave
Was a fortress of a bundance
Of games and society.
The son of Uthyr before he was slain
From his hand he pledged thee
Erof the cruel came
Of impotent joy
Of impotent sorrow
Erof the cruel caused
Treacheries to Jesus
Though he believed.
The earth quaking
And the elements darkening
And a shadow on the world
And baptism trembling
An impotent step
Was taken by fierce Erof
Going in the course of things
Among the hideous fiends
Even to the bottom of Uffern.

The reference to "Uthyr's son" would make Madawg contemporaneous with King Arthur. Madawg or Madoc is a common Welsh name. However, Madawg is hardly mentioned in the poem; instead, much time is spent on the traitor Erof, who it seems betrayed Arthur at Camlann. However, I don't remember any other mention of an Erof.

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