There's Movement in the Shadows...

The Despair Faction is the band AFI's official fanclub.

In their words:

What is The Despair Faction?

It was conceived as a way for AFI to recognize the fans that transcend the boundaries of everyday enthusiasm, bringing new meaning to the word "dedication". Its purpose was to give back to those who demonstrate a true understanding of, and devotion to, everything for which A Fire Inside stands. It has become an international "secret society" composed of people with much more in common than their love for AFI. They are the foundation, the Inner Circle, of the worldwide "AFI Community."

The Despair Faction, despite the rhetoric, is a relatively standard band fanclub, the rhetoric itself fitting in nicely with the style of the band and what attracts their fans, especially the quite large misunderstood teen demographic element. This is no bad thing though, it's always good to see a band making a little bit of extra effort, as AFI clearly have in this case.

Upon joining The Despair Faction, the fan is rewarded with:

an exclusive Despair Faction T-shirt, button badge, sticker, patch, poster, armband and a membership card. Members also receive the "Under the Rose" official zine for life and early access to buy concert tickets, and cheaper merchandise at shows.

All of this can be yours for the meagre sum of $29.99.

Much more information can be found at:

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