The David Lynch Weather Report is a weather report put out by David Lynch. It is usually between one and two minutes long, and features David Lynch telling us the morning weather, sharing a memory or special thought, giving us a forecast of the afternoon weather, and then concluding with: "everyone, have a nice day". Like all of David Lynch's works, it is marked by its linear nature, its predictability, and its warm, comforting tone.

Wait, what?

The David Lynch Weather Report actually exists in some form over a decade ago, but it became a regular, daily feature on May 11, 2020. This was the early days of the pandemic, and it seems that Lynch wanted something to share with people in quarantine or lockdown, or whatever we called it at the time. So it was just David Lynch, in his workshop, announcing the temperatures. Over time, he picked up catchphrases "And once again, its a Friday, if you can believe that" and "Blue skies and golden sunshine, all along the way", while reminding us to thank our Firefighters, or look for peace, or just to talk about songs he likes.

Why does David Lynch do this? How much is he in on the joke? Are there secret coded messages in his weather reports? How ironically should we take David Lynch hamming it up for the camera as he gives us gentle encouragement to enjoy the day?

My own best guess is that it is an example of "Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable". After years of presenting alternatives to reality, when the world was lost in its surreality, David Lynch came along to remind us of how simple life could be.

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