The light flickered on. The blinding of the light, momentarily blocking my vision. As the world came back to me, I realised where I was. This cold, dark place, full of dullness and grey. I took in my surroundings. Nothing. Nothing at all. Just me and 4 walls.

I breathed, slowly, consciously of not making and sound. Not drawing any attention to the fact I’m here. I stood up, slowly, making no sound. One foot raised from the floor, then put back on the ground, the other following. The same repeating movement over and over until the door was within reach. My ear pushed up against the coldness of the metal door.

My heart skipped a beat, footsteps in the distance. Footsteps only destined to reach one place, here. My heart gained speed. I turned, and ran to the opposite wall, not knowing what I was to do. There was no way out. The footsteps, getting louder and louder every step. My heart, pounding faster and faster, in time with the footsteps. My breathing became more shallow. Gasping for air which I could only just reach. A ear wrenching noise followed, I turned, my heart stopped, I stood still. There was a man. And he wanted me.

I fell to the ground, hunched up in a protective position. He could not have me, he just couldn’t. I didn’t want to give in….not just yet. Not without a fight. He looked at me, I stared back. His eyes, inflamed with rage. Those red, armour piercing eyes full of yearning, yearning of something he could not have. Me

He moved one step closer, I gasped. I scrambled back, fleeing from the impossible fate which stared back at me. He stopped. I was getting further away, my freedom so close. I hit the wall. My hopes and dreams of escaping shattered. There was no where to go, no where to hide, nothing to do.

He came towards me once more. The ever enlarging grin staring at me. Cornered, I knew there was nothing I could do. I asked one final thing, as a testament to my life and my last and final words on this earth. “Why?” The only word I could mutter amongst my tears and failing voice. The man grinned ever so wider, yellow teeth showing, and said only one thing back. “My friend, this is the cycle of life”

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