Futurama Episode #40: The Cyber House Rules
Production #3ACV09
Date: Sunday, April 1, 2001 at 7PM
Intro Caption: "Please Rise for the Futurama Theme Song"

After having received an invitation to a reunion from her old Orphanarium, Leela decides to bring Bender and Fry to flaunt her success in front of her old orphan companions. At the reunion, she meets her old crush, Adlai, who is now a doctor who can alter Leela's appearance so that she looks like she has two eyes instead of one. Leela agrees to get the surgery done and this leads to Adlai asking Leela out.

Meanwhile, Bender has adopted a dozen children from the Orphanarium, because the government gives out $100 a week for adoption. Bender goes through a series of zany scenes with the children who call him "Daddy Bender."

Adlai and Leela decide to have children, but want to adopt a child since they were both orphans. When they go to Bender, they encounter a little girl with a third ear being mocked by the other children. This reminisces painful memories from Leela when she had one eye and was being mocked. Leela wanted to adopt the little girl, but Adlai just wanted to modify her appearance so that the little girl with the third ear would have a normal appearance. This angered Leela and lead to her reverting to her normal appearance.

Note: Obviously a title spinoff from The Cider House Rules.
My favourite parts were when the little kid comes out of Bender in his pyjamas and says: "Daddy Bender, how do I flush you?" Also when Fry describes Hermes being a Rastafarian accountant, Hermes responds by saying: "Tally me banna."

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