the cure live

    Line up:
  • Robert Smith - voice, guitar
  • Porl Thompson - guitar, keyboard, saxophone
  • Andy Andersen - drums
  • Phil Thornalley - bass guitar
  • Laurence Tolhurst - keyboard

It's a compilation of songs taken from different Cure concerts, all played in 1984. It contains an absolutely stunning version of A Forest, after all these years it still gives me shivers. Charlotte Sometimes and 10:15 Saturday Night are very good too.

  1. Shake Dog Shake
  2. Primary
  3. Charlotte Sometimes
  4. The Hanging Garden
  5. Give Me It
  6. The Walk
  7. One Hundred Years
  8. A Forest
  9. 10:15 Saturday Night
  10. Killing An Arab

Looked in my record collection for the correct line-up... Funny: only Mad Bob remains.
Porl Thompson was an early member of The Cure until 1978 (made a reappearance from 1984-1993, during the early part of which he played bass during Simon Gallup's brief hiatus from the band, and was yet again re-hired to replace Perry Bamonte on rhythm guitar in 2005).
Clifford 'Andy' Andersen was in the band from 1983 until 1984; he broke down in Tokyo during a tour and was fired.
Phil Thornalley was in the band until 1985. He produced Pornography (1982).
Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst was kicked from the band in 1989 (after the release of Disintegration, to which he failed to contribute in any way).

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