In Gloranthan mythology, a hideous Chaos demon that was tamed by the Red Goddess, and which now flies around the frontiers of the Lunar Empire, attacking barbarian villages and terrorizing enemies of the Empire.
In God Time, the Crimson Bat was just an ordinary bat. When Chaos invaded and corrupted the world, it was mutated into the nightmare it is now. The Crimson Bat roamed the world freely until it was banished to the Hero Plane by Arkat. When the Red Goddess made her Quest of Apotheosis, the enemies of the young Empire converged on the capital; when She returned, she was riding the Crimson Bat, and sore wroth. The Lunars kicked ass all over their enemies that day. The Bat destroys the spirit of the beings it consumes; like many of the other ways Chaos kills, there is no way to resurrect a victim of the Crimson Bat.
There is a cult of the Crimson Bat. Its members cling to the 'Bat as it migrates and feeds, hunting down barbarians and farmers to feed the 'Bat. If the 'Bat starts getting hungry and its cult is not helping it find food, it eats the cult members, starting with the laity and working up through ranks of initiates, acolytes, and high priests as necessary. The Crimson Bat is associated with runes of Chaos, Moon, and Beast. It radiates a "Full Moon" effect on Lunar cyclical magic in a radius of 20km.

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