Set out below is the form of the coronation oath sworn by Edward II on the 25th February 1308 at Westminster Abbey. The questions were put to Edward by Robert Winchelsey the Archbishop of Canterbury after which he personally swore on the altar to uphold each and every promise.

The Coronation Oath of Edward II

Sire, will you grant and keep and by your oath confirm to the people of England the laws and customs given to them by the previous just and god-fearing kings, your ancestors, and especially the laws, customs, and liberties granted to the clergy and people by the glorious king, the sainted Edward, your predecessor?
I grant and promise them.
Sire, will you in all your judgments, so far as in you lies, preserve to God and Holy Church, and to the people and clergy, entire peace and concord before God?
I will preserve them.
Sire, will you, so far as in you lies, cause justice to be rendered rightly, impartially, and wisely, in compassion and in truth?
I will do so.
Sire, do you grant to be held and observed the just laws and customs that the community of your realm shall determine, and will you, so far as in you lies, defend and strengthen them to the honour of God?
I grant and promise them.

Originally sourced from Statutes of the Realm (London : G. Eyre and A. Strahan, 1810-1828) reproduced at

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