The color of Phillip is red. Sometimes it’s a deep red, like the darkest crimson found in a bolt of velvet. The color envelops you and wraps around you like a warm blanket; heavy on your shoulders as you just relax into it. Sometimes it’s the red that you see behind your eyes when faced towards a bright light. Watching the pattern of the little lines and swirls behind your lids. It’s the color of being snuggled up to someone you love, to feel your skin on theirs; tossing and turning in the haze that comes between sleep and awake, dancing together in your minds. It’s also the color of my heart, that seems to bleed a little longer, that sheds blood a little deeper, every time I have to leave him. It’s the red of my lips that wait to kiss him, the color of my vision, every time I’m with him. The color comes around like a fog, to envelop us. But mostly, it’s the color of his hair; curly and copper. It’s the color of love.

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