Surf band formed in 1958 in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area of Southern California by Dennis Rose and Ernie and Mitchel Furrow. Went into studio in 1962 after Dennis met the drummer Joe Dominic and eventually released their Surf War album on Shepherd Records

Major call to fame came when Quentin Tarantino included their track Bullwinkle Pt II in Pulp Fiction to accompany John Travolta doing heroin. Signed to DEL-FI Records, approximately 30 songs have been recorded.

The Centurions have a distinct sound, being a little darker and more intoxicating than most surf music, thus being a perfect match to the mood of the Pulp Fiction scene.

Another 80's cartoon created for the sole purpose of selling action figures, but that didn't stop it from being totally awesome. The Centurions were three guys who turned into superheroes by saying "Power Extreme!". This equipped them with all sorts of high-tech equipment to fight the evil Dr. Terror.

Could someone with better memory please do a better writeup of this...i just wanted to get it out there :)

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