This song was given to the physics students in my class. Although I am not absolutely certain, I think our physics teacher was the one who wrote the lyrics. It might therefore be copyrighted to him.

Introduction to lab. experiment on circular motion
Mel: Oh my darling Clementine

on a motion
in a circle
at constant speed,
but direction
though is changing
yes indeed!

Now the ancients
taught proportions
we find delta v 'pon v
equals v times
delta t 'pon
radius vector
and we see:

that an object
in a circle
needs a force to
keep in track
From sir Isaac:
m times v squared
and divide it all by r.

Let us test it
in the lab now
does a cork
obey this law?
But be careful
there's a danger
your companion
might be "blå".

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