"The Castbreeder" is an album by British electronica artists Prodigy released in 1998...

Or is it?

No, it isn't.

It was nothing more than an album containing songs from Junkie XL's album "Saturday Teenage Kick" and two songs by Lunatic Calm called "The Sound" and "Leave You Far Behind" (Yes, that worn out tune from the matrix soundtrack) released as an authentic XL Recordings release. The reason why it was taken so seriously by so many was because of its extremely high quality in sound, the not great but totally believable cover-design and the not too shabby manufacturing (i.e. the mirror surface of the disc had an unused data ring and there you could find the prodigy logotype). If you didn't know of Junkie XL and of Prodigy's characteristic sound you probably never would have guessed. However, some people saw through it due to the fact that the XL-logo was incorrect and the thanks to-list was taken directly from "music for the jilted generation".

(I currently have no clues on where it was manufactured, by who or where you could buy it, but I'll put that here if I ever find out)

Thanks to http://www.prodigycenter.com for the information.

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