Here's the mystery: one of our myriad bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish) was found dead on the floor, well out of his bowl. His body was unchewed and unplayed with, so I thought he'd jumped. My fiance swore that our cat Harley had done it, but regretfully we had no proof and thus could not make a bust. Either way, we made plans to get ALL of the bettas into covered containers ASAP.

The next day, I glance over from the computer. And there's the cat, cool as a cucumber, armpit-deep in a betta bowl!

    Me: "Ahem."
    Harley: *ignores me*
    Me: "A-HEM."
    Harley: *ignores me*
    Me: "AHEM!!!"
    Harley: *pauses, disdainfully regards me for a moment, then goes right back to snack-fishing*
    Me: *grabs cat, tosses cat into the bathtub, turns on the water*
    Harley: "MRRRWOOOOOOLLLLfsssssssstfsstfsst!"
    The Swiftly-Closed Shower Door: *rattle-rattle-rattle*
    Me: "Hah. Ignore me, willya missy...?"
Needless to say, all of our bettas are now in locked CritterKeepers. And Harley now pays damn close attention when I clear my throat loudly at her. :)

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