This is an original song, lyrics by me, sung to the approximate tune of a folk tune known as The Bear Song. If you've been in the Cub Scouts, attended a summer camp or participated in any sort of outdoorsy children's activity on the American continent in the past 20 years, you've probably heard The Bear Song before. You may have heard of its counterpart, Sippin' Soda, which has a similar tune. And, of course, the song has many regional variations.

To hear a very badly arranged version of the music, visit (QuickTime audio)

The Carrion Song

There's nothing wrong
With filet mignon--
Tastes good when fresh
Or broiled long
But gourmet cow's meat can't compare
To simple, hearty roadside fare

The kind of meat
I like to eat
Is rotting flesh--
It's very sweet!
A taste sensation from the grave,
The carrion is what I crave!

When laying claim
To highway game
I take my treat
From the fast lane
The best opossum, squirrel and skunk--
I dump them all into my trunk

Some carrion
Gets carried off
Some meat I eat
Right on the spot
But, dining in or take away,
It's like a four-lane lunch buffet!

Feel free to contribute your own lyrics; ideally I'd like to see the song reach 8 verses or so, without repeating itself or going out of the way to accomodate awkward rhymes.

The approximate pattern I follow, is to group verses in pairs. The rhyming pattern for a pair of verses is:

But there are a few exceptions, to make room for especially funny lines.

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