A tourist trap located outside the city limits of Amarillo Texas that specializes in a 72 oz steak by the same name. In fact, if you can finish this behemoth of a meal, (including multiple-pound baked potato and salad), you are welcome to said meal... FOR FREE. The only catch is that it must be eaten by one person, and be consumed in the span of one hour. To my knowlege, of the 21 thousand-odd individuals who have attempted, only 4 thousand have succeeded.

The inspiration of the Big Texan meal came from a businessman who moved to Texas to start a restaraunt chain. As the story goes, said businessman went into town to find the largest cowboy possible. This cowboy was then fed steak and potatos until he was finished. The total in steak was 72 oz and some 2+ lbs in potato.

If you ever take a trip to the Big Texan yet don't feel up to the hundred-dollar meal, I recommend grabbing a burger. Also remember to bring some quarters for the shooting gallery. Bon Apetit!

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