It's getting harder
to tell you where I am

You seem to want to know
You know if I dissemble

I've rescued another Monster
Her name is Vulnerability
You say, "How can I help?"
Your voice holds a sigh.

The Dragon of Want
attacked me
You say, "I don't want
From people who can't give."

I am in the belly of the Whale
You say, "What can you do
to be less lonely?"

You are ready
To help me away from the Monster
To give me a sword for the Dragon
To make the Whale cough me up

You are so generous
Others turn their backs
Away from Monsters

I am embracing the Monster
I let the Dragon's flames engulf me
I walk into the Whale's mouth

I wait

I was waiting for someone

I was waiting for someone to say

I see you
I see you are in the belly of the Whale

Here is where I am

I see myself
I am the Monster
The Dragon
The Whale
I stay present
The circle is complete

Joy is everywhere


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