July 1, 1916 was the first day of what was to be called the Battle of the Somme. On this day, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment set down on Beaumont Hamel. The regiment consisted of one of the four battalions of the 29th Division's 88th Brigade. The battle consisted of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment being sent into the front lines first. Even though the British forces had counter-bombed the German heavy artillery and guns, there were still some remaining in working order. This dwindled the British numbers. Large mines went off all around the British troops, in every possible direction. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment was forced to walk 230 metres through fiery, hot ground and barbed wire before they reached their own line.

Though the Battle of the Somme was costly for all, it was especially costly for the Newfoundlanders. After the battle was over, all 801 names were called - only 68 men answered. Every officer who went forward was either killed or wounded.

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