Title: The Ancient Art of War: The Ancient Art of War in the Skies
Author: Evryware
Released: 1992 by Microprose
No. of disks: unknown, but numerous
HDD installable: yes
Lanuages: English
RAM: 1meg

The last in a long running trilogy of TAAOW games by Barry and Dave Murry had the talents of Joe Garguilo join their team. This wargame consisted of several WW1 aerial combat subgames: vertically scrolling bombing raids (A la SWIV), 3D dogfights, war plans and troop movements. It was pulled off quite well despite having major - 2 year - difficulties changing the codebase from EGA to VGA.

Barry and Dave sez: "We had to start over and redo just about all of it!" -- Orchun Kolcu, Games Domain Review, 1997.

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