Short of some absentee god, there wasn't a thing in the world that could stop it. Holes were a smash hit--people had been making them forever, and they weren't going to stop. Hole production maintains a long and storied history that is still expanding and innovating to this day!

People everywhere liked to make holes. Rich, poor; young, old; people were just making holes at any given time seemingly without regard to demographic group. A few notable philosophers and thinkers have found this interesting (an exhaustive list would be impossible, but a condensed version would include the likes of: Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, the Roman Catholic Church, everyone's mother, my friend Lil, Barack Hussein Obama, almost the entirety of the population of the nation formerly known as Palestine (and many other countries for that matter. In fact, with the exception of the United States of America and possibly Australia, it was standard practice for an international actor to deeply consider the moral and physical consequences of unrestrained hole production in the service of selfish benefit. This can be evidenced in the events of February 15, 2003, in which several thousands of people worldwide simultaneously requested that hole production be limited, if it could not be eliminated entirely, to which the Federal government of the United States succinctly replied "Frankly, everyone, I don't give a damn."), Condoleeza Rice, 49-51% of college educated people of any race or creed, various men and women, children, by and large, non-conscious animals and non-living entities, etc, etc, John Lennon, etc) and have struggled with ramifications of the evidently human desire to construct holes where and when it suits them, in however ghastly a means they desire.

I was an investment banker. I took others' money (don't worry--they gave it to me--paid me to take it, in fact) and spent it for them because I knew how. Ideally, I spent it on something that was growing and becoming more popular, so that the money I spent for them would create more profit than the initial expenditure. I almost always spent it on the corporations that created the machinations of hole production.

People called me Harry Money, and they didn't have to like me, but I didn't have to care.

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