The questions that were asked about the US election before have now been answered. Like the WWE, anyone with even a tenth of a brain can see where this was always going. Now that the sea floor has calmed down a bit and the silt returned to the floor, the water is clear.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States of America will be Hillary Rodham Clinton. Period, full stop.

Donald Trump is now openly smashing around like a wrecking ball. When having done it in a subdued manner, he looked like someone who was trying to shake up American politics. Now that Clinton has a serious lead on Trump, he can now enter the final stage of the whole plan all along. He's insulting the families of dead soldiers, using megalomaniac rhetoric, and trying very hard to throw as many voters Hillary's way as he can. It's working.

During the Democratic National Convention, it went from the coronation of Hillary Clinton to the canonization of Hillary Clinton. That abrasive woman with the insincere facial expressions? Not only one of the most honest people who ever lived, every evidence to the contrary being nothing more than sexist attacks by the patriarchy and come on Baby Boomer ladies, we know how hard women of a certain age have had it all their lives am I right? But she has done nothing but worked tirelessly as a civil servant, a champion for the people who has always looked out for the little children. Everyone from Barack Obama to Bill Clinton came out to sing her praises as a completely misunderstood simple and humble Methodist girl who's always been in politics to serve the American people tirelessly.

For the record, the above is not a critique either of Ms. Clinton, nor the very real need for feminism and the problems that women have faced for decades. This is a comment on how thick they've been laying it on with a trowel.

On the other side of the fence, Trump is no longer having to rally people to him. Having secured the nomination of the Republican party against most Republican Party heads' wishes, he's doing significant damage to party unity and the brand. He isn't supporting fellow Republican politicians who have grudgingly supported him as a candidate, acting as a petulant child saying that since they have not always supported him, he's rooting for their Democrat opponents. He's keying in to Bill Maher and others saying he's a tyrant and a Hitler and talking about how he and he alone can fix everything, a hyperbole which is designed to sway the undecideds to Clinton. Party insiders are trying to see how they can get to Trump somehow, because the viability of the party at all is at stake. With long time Republican heavy hitters now throwing their support to Clinton, it's starting to look like he may very well trash the party too hard for it to recover on his way out.

It's more evident that this is by design. What I thought at first was probably the Clintons thinking they could get some divisiveness in the Republican party by supporting Trump's bid (Bill Clinton encouraged and helped Trump at the beginning) is now clearly a carefully orchestrated plan right from the beginning. The problem was that Hillary Clinton is an unlikeable person with little charisma and a lot of baggage. The solution was to engineer the election to be her against someone even less electable than she is: someone with absolutely no credibility as a candidate. And just to make sure, they got themselves a cartoon villain with ginger hair that would all but ensure a cakewalk into the White House.

Trump gets brand recognition, and the side effect of things like Trump University lawsuits happening behind closed doors with gag orders supposedly to not influence the race. He's got his exit plan. He's planting the seeds of the excuse that "the elections are rigged". He can go back to his various day jobs and claim that he didn't lose, the game was simply rigged. In public he will spit in Clinton's direction (or appear magnaminous in defeat and they'll be openly friends again) but in private, they'll chink together champagne flutes and favors will be repaid.

Who's going to stop her? The Republicans will be trying to keep the party going, never mind being remotely capable of any kind of united force against whatever Hillary proposes. She has a clear shot of eight years of unmolested agenda ahead of her. Most of the heavy hitters of the party either switched sides to Clinton, ran up against Trump and got their careers smashed and ruined in doing so, or are going down on the Trump life raft that Trump has started to constantly shoot holes in.

And that would ensure that we'd get eight years of exactly the same thing. More corporate handouts, more transfer of wealth to the top 1%, less good jobs, things getting more and more difficult for the disappearing middle class. We were starting to get sick of it by the end of Bush II. But don't worry, this next candidate will be totally different because he's a black man, "Yes We Can". Okay, we need you to believe that we're here to help you again. Here's the opportunity to make history by electing the first FEMALE president, think of all the little girls who can finally dream of shattering any glass ceiling, etc. etc. etc. And it'll work too. We'll totally forget that the TPP is in her back pocket and leaks have shown she intends on starting at least two more wars, having thrown the Middle East into an insecure disaster during her tenure at Secretary of State.

At a gathering this weekend I was asked who I'd vote for, and I said neither. What followed was me becoming a pariah and being eviscerated because obviously that meant I want Trump to become President, and what was wrong with Hillary. I stopped talking then, because people are fervently believing any of this matters anymore. Only 9% of the population voted for Clinton and/or Trump. That's all you need.

And by crushing the hopes of anyone who ever wanted change, be it those who rallied behind Trump supposedly finally being for the American worker for once, as opposed to wanting more illegals around to bring down wages and signing deals with China to export the good jobs to make the 1% more money - or the progressive left who actually thought that a grassroots revolution would make the government finally start serving the people and not vice versa. Sanders turned out to be nothing more than a magnet to bring people to the table before baiting and switching them to vote for right wing war hawk Hillary - they ensure that anyone who even cares just stays home and gets on with their lives. And it's working.

The next Presidential candidate will be a Latin(o)/(a). And then a gay one. And then a transgender handicapped otherkin. You get the drift. Just to keep selling the same dismantling of the Republic, each time like Lucy Van Pelt selling us all that it'll "be different this time". It's no longer about policy, they're all serving up the same pink slime in a different box. Now it's about identity politics, and the parties are just cigarette brands. Even though blindfolded nobody can tell the difference between one shredded bit of Virginia tobacco and another shredded bit of Virginia tobacco because there isn't any, in those boxes smoking one makes you a rugged cowboy and the other tells you you've come a long way, baby.

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