The Academy for Technology and the Classics (ATC) is a public charter school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The school was founded in January, 2000 after unsuccessfully attempting to start in Fall 1999. (The school was originally going to be at the Glorieta Conference Center, which is a Christian complex, and at the last minute, they objected to the teaching of evolution at the school and cancelled the contract.)

When the school opened in the spring, at the New Mexico National Guard Armory building, it had roughly 175 students in grades 7 - 12. Two years later, in Fall 2001, the National Guard cancelled the agreement, and the school was forced to move. With several portables acquired from Santa Fe High School (who had removed them to make room for new buildings), ATC moved to an open stretch of ground behind the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds.

Despite its "specialized" title, ATC is a normal school, teaching most core courses*, Technology, French, Spanish, German, and others. Certain unique extra-curricular courses are to be found at this school, such as a Marimba band.

Despite several setbacks, the school still operates, with one senior graduating in 2003 (out of a class of 3).

More general information can be found at the school's student-designed website:

*Certain courses for high school juniors and seniors (such as higher math) are not offered at the school, and must be taken concurrently at the Santa Fe Community College.

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