Thar (?), n. Zool.

A goatlike animal (Capra Jemlaica) native of the Himalayas. It has small, flattened horns, curved directly backward. The hair of the neck, shoulders, and chest of the male is very long, reaching to the knees. Called also serow, and imo.

[Written also thaar, and tahr.]


© Webster 1913.

Thar, v. impersonal, pres. [OE. thar, Þarf, AS. Þearf, infin. Þurfan to need; akin to OHG. durfan, G. durfen to be allowed, Icel. Þurfa to need, Goth. Þaúrban.]

It needs; need.


Piers Plowman.

What thar thee reck or care?


© Webster 1913.

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