talk to me
thrown in from the place I used to be
send me letters
never saw you, heard you speak
mute lips sewn shut
the sutures hurt as much as I
I know you are real
you felt me
touched me
is it just me imagining, or can I feel you....
first kiss...
and I feel like I knew you
feel like I've been here before
died many times that night
only to prove I loved you
as much as I could
lost... .... ... ..
kiss me a last time and say you're leaving
but I can't see you
fake girl
this electronic life is not real
and I
can see you
on an electronic horizon
and you look like this
01101001 10010011 01110100 00010110
xx x.x..x...x..x..x..x.. x..x..x. xxx .x.x... ....

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