TestDirector is a piece of software produced by Mercuy Interactive. It is used for the following purposes:

TestDirector can be usually found in your local QA department.

More information can be found at www.merc-int.com

Personal thoughts
We have version 6 installed in our office. Curiously for a program designed to track defects it has a lot of it's own. Consider this. Our bug database used to run on MS Access database. When we needed to expand, we migrated it to Oracle (among other things TestDirector can work on a number of database systems). Shortly after we found unbelievable blunder: TestDirector would lock the whole defect table, add a row, and not commit and release it, thereby preventing anyone else from adding bugs. Two months later and this error is not fixed yet. Also being in QA I'm sort of disagreeing with it's overall design and implementation. It's basically ugly and inefficient.

See also: Mercury Interactive RationalRose

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