This is a song by Ween, from the album Pure Guava.

Slowly sung, sort of whispered in most cases, very mellow song. One can hardly hear the underlying melody between the repetitious guitar, but it is a bit relaxing and sort of spacey. It seems as though there is some semblance of lucidity in this song (as opposed to some of their others which are just silly) as far as lyrics go. Even though it is not particularly melodically interesting, the words are interesting, let's take a peek:

make a move man state your case
taste the waste, man, taste the waste
what is your place in my glorification?
yeah this is really a tender situation
get off the pot, man, shake and bake
taste the waste, boy, taste the waste

A couple of self-referential lyrics are cited here; in one of the quoted lyrics, someone is encouraged to "taste the waste," which seems to reference "Can U Taste the Waste?" from The Pod. And later on, one of the lyrics insinuates that the person being spoken to works at a gas station. This would make sense because of their peppy song "Pumpin' 4 the Man." Interesting to hear any one of these band members ask the other to get off the pot, though. Getting high is obviously one of their favorite inspirations for writing music.

This song is © 1992 by Ween, Elektra Records (Cassette), © 1992 CD Creation Records (CD).

Pure Guava
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