1) Better cook this prime beef I bought when the weather was unseasonably cool, as I wiped up blood red dripping on three shelves.

2) Who made this big white monstrosity with all its nooks and impossible crannies? Probably not a constant refrigerator user. Poor design.

3) Forget what my mother has always proclaimed the best way to clean a refrigerator; baking soda or vinegar are no match for this mess!

4) Ah, so I DO have more potatoes that aren't rotten...will add to the beef I already started browning.

5) Time for good old Comet with bleach! Amen.

6) The men in the house are sleeping. I'd rather be reading quietly with a few cups of hot coffee, in an air-conditioned room.

7) My back aches from yesterday's yardwork, so I'll just clean the two bottom fruit and vegetable crispers, which never seem big enough. Too grouchy to eat, must finish partial task.

8) An hour later, I'm sweating and swearing at the manufacturer and myself for allowing the design to encourage the equivalent of an archaeological dig or compost site, minus earthworms.

9) I'm seeing the light at the back of the refrigerator plus finding foods I'd forgotten I purchased. Lots of garlic!!

10) As the morning becomes noon, I add more to the stew, just as my husband appears, confused and hungry. An excellent excuse to stop cleaning.


***thanks to JD and Lord Brawl for typo alerts

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