I have a beautiful little girl with soft blue eyes. She loves me more than anyone could possibly fathom. And I love her all the same. :)

I hope she grows up to be an intellectual like me. She will be my little mini-Jade, join MENSA, and take an interest in Biology and Programming. (Every parent secretly hopes their children will follow in their footsteps.) But if she doesn't, I will love her and respect her anyway.

I take her to every nice place I can afford here, and in other countries, so she can see what a big place the world is. I wish my parents had done the same for me.

I read her books in different languages; everything from children's books to classic novels. I play music for her of all types, from Mozart to Rammstein. I even sing to her, though I can't carry a tune. (She rather enjoys my offbeat caterwauling in any case.)

I hold her in my arms at night, and take her with me wherever and whenever it is possible during the day. I play games with her and talk to her, and spend as time as I can with her. (Lo and behold, she is growing right before my eyes. I believe that every moment counts.)

I spend too much of my paycheque on toys and other forms of entertainment for her. Not that I believe in spoiling my child, but it can't hurt when one is only seven months old.

People judge me and say I'm too young to be a parent, but I am no different than anyone else. All that matters is that I love my daughter and will always do the best I can for her.

I find it fortunate as well that I get to grow up and grow old right along with her.

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