The best way to cook rice, producing perfect rice every time. Tatung rice cookers are made by Tatung Company in Taiwan and come in a variety of sizes and ugly 70's colors like puke green and brick orange. They have a unique double boiler system.

How to use it

Using the measuring cup that came with your rice cooker, measure out however much rice you want to cook into the inner pot. Rinse the rice well, at least until bubbles stop forming when you add water. Add water to the numbered line in the inner pot, and a few handfuls of water to the outer pot. Place the inner pot in the outer pot, cover with the lid, and hit the cook button. When the cook light goes out, let the rice steam a few more minutes, then it is ready to eat.

How It Works

The outer pot is heated by electric coils, transferring heat to the inner pot through the water in between them. Eventually both inner and outer pots reach 100C, and the water boils. As the water goes up in steam, it hits the lid of the rice cooker, cools down, and runs down the sides into the outer pot. Thus, the outer pot is kept wet, while the water in the inner pot boils off. After all the water in the inner pot is gone, the water in the outer pot quicky boils and the outer pot temperature rises above 100C. This causes the rice cooker to change to keep warm mode. While in keep warm mode, the water condensing on the inside of lid forms an air-tight seal on the edge of the lid, preventing the rice from drying out.

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