An artist from Germany who is highly regarded in his field. He works with 3d. That is to say he works with replicating or improving reality. To say his work is inspired and extraordinary would be an insult to him. He is also a musician who has made enthused and unique music using only a Sound Blaster Live, and a few "real" instruments. His site can be found at although it is simply a preview at the moment. His full site should be up and running soon.

Taron's site has been updated fairly recently. A few more songs have been added. The tension is building as to when the whole thing is coming up. His music is kind of beyond description but one can compare it to Add N to x.

The songs which I've enjoyed the most are All of the above, WhatUdoWith1Mashine, Unisonate, and Follow Me.

Update May 2002: Taron's put up a few more delicious mp3s on his site, and updated with a few wonderful demonstrations of his volumetric tranlucency and transparency plugins.

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