Israeli card game introduced in 1981. The rules are very similar to Uno with some minor differences.

Anyone who grew up in Israel in the 80s has played Taki and has a special place for it in his heart. Children of the 80s have later played Taki in the IDF and there is usually a good stock in Israeli Backpacker hangouts like Bet Chabad, Kathmandu and Ha Machbesa in Costa Rica

The game was invented by Haim Shafir of Shafir Games who has since invented other games but none as popular as Taki.

The object of Taki is to get rid of all your cards by matching either the number or color of the card in the pile. If you have no matching card, you draw one from the deck.

One of the most important rules of Taki is that when a player has only one card she or he MUST announce "LAST CARD!" upon failing to do so, cards are drawn (1 or 4 according to variations)

The Taki deck consists of:

  • Numbered cards - 1 and 3 to 9 in the colors blue, yellow, red or green.
  • Plus 2 - Next player takes 2 cards or plays a Plus 2 again in the colors blue, yellow, red or green.
  • Stop - Next player misses a turn.
  • Switch Direction - Player who was before you plays and in that direction the game goes on.
  • Plus - Can only be discarded along with another card of the same color
  • Taki - All cards of same color may be played after a Taki, but LAST CARD must still be announced when apropriate.
  • Switch Color - Player calls out new color to be played.

Super Taki was introduced sevral years later and most Taki fans will not play with Super Taki cards

The Super Taki cards are:

  • Super Taki - Taki and Switch Color in one card.
  • Crazy Card - Everyone gives their cards to the player to the left.
  • Plus 3 (Canceled)
  • Break 3 (Canceled)
  • Joker (Canceled)

Taki is becoming popular online lately and is played via mirc scripts.

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