A martial arts instructor that developed and popularized the kubotan and was instrumental in the adoption of PR-24 batons by policemen in the United States. He still teaches and holds an annual tournament in the Glendale, California area.


He has a background in kendo, akido, karate, iaido, and judo. His style is called Gosoku Ryu, which means hard and fast. He and his students live up to this standard. They have a reputation for being quite aggresive.

  • Fighting Karate
  • Kubotan Keychain
  • Fighting Karate Gosoku Ryu Hard Fast Style
  • Weapons Kumite: Fighting With Traditional Weapons
  • Realistic Defensive Tactics
  • Ninja Shurkien Manual
  • T-Hold Kubotan
  • Action Kubotan Keychain an Aid in Self Defense
  • Official Kubotan Techniques
  • Baton Techniques and Training

He is a powerful advocate of traditional japanese weapon training. In his younger years, he would do a highly impressive demonstration in which he would evade the swings of a razor sharp sword.

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