Software for Windows PC's which allows for easier tagging of mass amounts of MP3's and also streamlines the tedious task of renaming those files.

MP3 tags are flags set at the end of most MP3 files. They contain supplemental information for each MP3, such as the artist, song title, album, year, genre, and track number. As opposed to the filename, tag fields are separated from one another so a computer can easily differentiate between the artist name and the song title. This makes storing and organizing MP3's much easier than with a find command, especially for portable MP3 units.

What makes Tag & Rename special is its feature to tag many files at once. The user selects all the MP3's from a certain album and he can then set the album name tags of all of them with a single click. This way, there is no need to go into every file and change the tags one at a time. After tagging is done, the user can rename all of his MP3's so that they all have the same format. Filenames can be made from selected fields and in all UPPER-case or all lowercase. Other nifty features like CDDB support and tag synchronization between versions are all here.

While MP3 renaming could be done with shell scripts and the like, a GUI interface is much nicer. Plus, the user doesn't have to learn regular expressions. All and all, it's a very convenient program for those people with thousands of MP3's lying about haphazardly on their hard drives.

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