Table Odds are the posted payback on a particular event in a casino. The payback will be less than the True Odds would dictate they should be, and the calculated percentage will be higher. Here are a few examples:

  • Craps: A 7 is the most likely result on the Craps table. The payback is 4 to 1 (It's sometimes listed as 5 to 1, but one of the 5 you get back is your bet), or 20%. The House Edge on this is a massive 20%
  • Roulette: Any single number pays back at 35 to 1, or 2.7777%. The House Edge on this is 5.56%

The Table Odds, when added up in a percentage like the True Odds, will always equal more than 100%. The difference between this and True Odds (100%) is how you determine the House Edge for a particular wager. It's simply a matter of knowing the Table Odds and the True Odds, and being able to work out the math.

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