TISC stands for Tertiary Institutions Service Centre. It is a body set up by the major four universities in Western Australia to allow a standard method of determining and classifying students academic abilities to allow universities to provide a system of "smartest ones first" for enrolment into university courses. Similar to the American ETS, only TISC is solely for WA, TISC administers the TEE and provides each students sitting those exams a TER. Western Australian students wishing to go to university in the next year have to call the TISC line around September to lodge your preferences. The TISC line phone call is usually the first stress causing incident leading up to the TEE for WA students because the line is either always engaged or the students have a constant fear of keying in the wrong preferences (even though the recorded voice relays the information about three times). TISC also conducts the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (the avenue for mature age students) and handles administration of the West Australian Universities Foundation Program.

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