an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

by Bobby, age eight
{note: You have no idea how funny this is to a kid at OLA. Mr. Jefferson is the school's head janitor. Mrs. Tiernan is the principal. so forth. )

Once there were some Sewer ghosts, about 500 of them. They grow bigger every time they witness something bad. They happen to live in the sewer because they all died in a big sewer accident a long time ago. It was an oil overflow accident.

Also living in the sewer are bats with rabies and some giant crocodiles.

One day, the ghosts come up at the school because the bathrooms are being destroyed for remodeling, and they come up through the toilets. They use their ghostly white hands to rip apart the bathroom. Then they start terrorizing the school. They eat the new PE coaches (both of them). Then they eat the Second grade teachers. The second graders go to the clinic and ask for their moms to come and get them. They have nightmares for 15 years.

After that, the ghosts head toward the first grade and kindergarten rooms to eat all of the teachers there, but Miss Adelman escapes because she fell out of the window. She landed on a trampoline. Then she jumped up on the roof. She goes into the classroom with her firegun and burns everything. She is evil now because she was bitten by a bat with rabies. There is something in her blood from her food that is infecting her brain and turns her into a ghost - A RABIES GHOST!

So then Dr. Tiernan drinks some milk, (but it wasn't really milk). A superhero accidentally left his drink there, and when Dr. Tiernan drank it, she turned into a superhero with a big chest, a small stomach, and tights and a cape. Her uniform says SDT (Super Dr. Tiernan).

Super Dr. Tiernan uses her super powers to sniff out the ghosts.

Meanwhile, Miss Adelman slips a potion into Mrs. Powell's drink, and Mrs. Powell drinks it. She attacks all sixth graders during literature. Mrs. Lockhart goes into the bathroom, and is scared to death by a sewer ghost and she becomes a sewer ghost too. Meanwhile Super Dr. Tiernan has such a muscley chest that she could barely fit through the door. All of the ghosts start heading toward her. As soon as they start attacking her, she's surrounded by 500 ghosts and crocodiles.

Then she uses her super powers to teleport them back to the sewers! Then the giant crocodiles accidently walked into this invisible hole, and every time they walked into it, one of them disintegrated. Then the sewer ghosts fly into this square but they don't disintegrate because they're already dead. Instead, they turn into a trail of tears and then Mr. Jefferson has to clean it all up.


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