A Technical Highschool in Vienna, Austria. Abbr. for "Technologisches Gewerbemuseum". Over 120 years old, originally located in an old, misused train factory. Since the nineteenseventies to be found in a "new" not-so-sky-scraper-like tower with 16 floors and completely black front (so it's really comfortable there in summer, just a bit over 34°C). Except for it's reputation, the school features nothing at all but a nice yearly ball.

Mostly filled with completely incompetent and arrogant/ignorant we'll-do-it-by-the-book-because-I-don't-know-any-other-way "teachers" who never underwent any form of pedagogic education or training. The few competent ones learned it the hard way that trying to educate pupils there is nothing but a waste of oxygen, chalk and human flesh and gave it up early. What's left are story-telling, arrogant pimps which tend to overestimate their own importance or the importance of their subject.

Quote: "Look darling, this was the afternoon show." (in very poor english)
-- DI Dr Norbert Sch.

Quote: "I really CAN'T imagine why you are not interested in the direct current motor or fieldcoils!"
-- DI Dr Karl Sch. (in an electronics/multimedia class)

Also, most pupils are ignorant, uncapable of the english or even german language, stupid and really fucked-up pricks with no future at all. I don't consider myself an exception.


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