From Vampire: The Masquerade. Szlachta are small, deformed little creatures that vampires of the Tzimisce clan use as servants and guard dogs. They are usually remnants of failed experiments in fleshcrafting and bonecrafting; "waste not, want not" being a catchphrase of the Fiends. They are sometimes ghouled.

Szlachta are featured in the Vampire: Redemption video game published by White Wolf; they're the short, pale little guys in the mine that make little gurgly wailing noises. You know, the ones that sound like a lamb with blood in its lungs.

My friend Ross draws an amusing cartoon called "Samael The Szlachta". Perhaps one day I'll scan copies of this cartoon, and post the URL here.

Also see Vohzd, Tzimisce War Ghoul.

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