Former wife of Gerry Anderson of supermarionation fame. Often considered the more talented of the two; Sylvia was responsible for much of the costumes and general 'futuristic' styling of the supermarionation and (later) live action production. Though it was never officially acknowledged, many of the female puppet "characters" (Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope, Stingray's Marina, Fireball XL5's Dr. Venus, etc.) bore a strong facial resemblance to Sylvia. She divorced husband Gerry in 1975 after the first season of Space:1999, under less than friendly terms. Gerry continued Space:1999 for another year, but by then the magic was clearly gone. Without Sylvia, Gerry's later productions lacked much of their distinctive look and feel (Witness Terrahawks and Space Precinct). Sylvia is currently an HBO representative at London's Pinewood Studios.

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