A Personal Lubricant with a far lower irritant level than K-Y Jelly or mineral based Baby Oil (which should not be used as a sexual lubricant anyway). It is manufactured in New Zealand by Geneva Marketing, and available in (at least) New Zealand and Australia.
Sylk cost about $10AU in Australian chemists.

Sylk's listed ingredients are:

The blurb on the bottle reads

Sylk is a natural quality non-gel lubricant made from an extract of the Kiwifruit vine, purified water and minimal preservative carefully formulated to alleviate dryness, enhance sensitivity and increase sexual enjoyment.

Supermarkets do not seem to stock Sylk, even though they do sell several other lubricants.

Sylk has minimal taste, which is neither unpleasant nor lingering, and it is odorless, and does not block natural sexual odors.

Oh, and it feels nice as anything, too

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