Largest morning newspaper in the southern region of Sweden known as Skåne (Scania). Usually referred to as 'SDS' or 'Sydsvenskan'.

Like most Swedish newspapers SDS claims to be liberal (although social-liberal would be more accurate), and independent from all political parties. Sydsvenska Dagbladet started in 1848 (under the name Snäll-Posten) and has today a daily circulation of about 140 000 copies, with a peak of 160 000 on Sundays. SDS claims to have more than 300 000 daily readers, which makes it the by far most read newspaper on its designated market, a position SDS very likely will maintain due to the lack of local competitors, especially ín the Malmö/Lund area.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet is, since 1998, owned by Bonnier AB, one of the major media conglomerates in Sweden, and it has some 500 employees.

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