Swiss Toni (not Tony) is played by Charlie Higson and sells second-hand cars in the British comedy sketch show, The Fast Show but is not very good at it. He is a middle-aged, greying buisness man with a thick moustache and sharp suit, who sees himself as a kind of guru. But despite his flashy exterior he can't shift a single car. Indeed this is why he sends trainee "Paul" (Rhys Thomas) out to talk to the customers. Toni has been left by his wife and has lost his magic touch.

The comic part of the sketches is his obsession that almost everything is "very much like making love to a beautiful woman", as he explains to Paul. There isn't much that Swiss can't manage to somehow compare to making love to a beautiful woman, including driving, talking on the telephone and washing cars.

In the latest season, Toni comes back from rehab and now says that most things are NOT at all similar to "making love to a beautiful woman". He also seems sadly depressed. Obviously the fact that he was left by his wife has at last sunk in.

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