The Swiss flag, a white cross on a red field, is possibly the most widely appropriated national symbol. Directly, it forms integral parts of the corporate logos of Victorinox, Swatch and Swissair/Crossair, . It's inverse, a red cross on a white field, is used by the Geneva based International Committee of the Red Cross, and hostpitals around the world.

The Swiss flag has it's origins in Ancient Rome, when a the modern canton of Schwyz was the home of a crack Roman Legion. The white on red cross was awarded to the legion for it's bravery, and more poignantly, discipline. The Symbol continued to be used well after Rome's influence had waned, was adopted by the new Helvetican Conferation, and remained as it grew into modern Switzerland.

In the 20th Century, the Swiss flag was the subject of three referenda proposing that it's shape be changed to a rectangle. Instead, the Swiss flag remains the only square national flag.

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