Swimming with Sharks 1995. An awsome and slightly disturbing movie starring Kevin Spacey, Frank Whalley, and Michelle Forbes.

The movie starts out with Guy (Frank Whaley), coming into Buddy Ackerman's (Kevin Spacey) house with a gun. Guy tells Buddy that he is done with the abuse and wont take it anymore.

The story then follows, as flash backs, the previous year. Guy is a lowly personal assistant for big time hot-shot producer Buddy Ackerman. Being the personal assistant for Buddy Ackerman has its perks, the chief perk being that anyone who's survived has gone on to do very big and very good things.

The drawback is that you have to work for Buddy Ackerman, easily the world's most toxic boss. Buddy verbally abuses Guy every day, even exlaiming that his organizer is more important to the office than Guy is.

The first day, week, month, and year goes by and we see the cumulation of abuse from Buddy, showing that the Hollywood world is a dog-eat-dog world. Guy has no outside life from Buddy.

Thrown into the mix is Dawn Lockard (Michelle Forbes), another producer at the same studio who wants to make "important" films. Guy and Dawn try to have a romance, but Buddy keeps getting in the way by tugging on Guy's leash whenever Dawn and him get close.

Throughout the movie, we keep going back to present time. Guy has tied Buddy in a chair and is physically abusing him. They scream at each other about their year together. Guy acts like a homicidal maniac, cutting Buddy's face with paper cuts, cuttin his hair, etc., just to revenge the year of horrible humiliation.
The ending is the best part, but I won't disclose it.

This is a must see, especially for a Kevin Spacey fan. The movie is quite funny but also a dark and disturbing look at the Hollywood world.

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